Imagine holding 10 books in the palm of your hand — and being able to read them in the dark. That’s the idea behind and electronic book unveiled Friday. Once the stuff of science fiction, Rocket eBook packs 4,000 pages of text and graphics — or about 10 average novels — into a paperback-size, 22-ounce device that sells for $499.

10 whole book? Amazing! 


Tim Wu on the solution to the F.C.C.’s net-neutrality problems: http://nyr.kr/1oyvE2u

“What should Wheeler do? He can stick with his original plan, try to pass the basic ‘commercially reasonable’ proposal, and face a revolt from his commissioners, continued outrage on the Internet, and the wrath of the Internet industry. He could well end up being known widely (even if unfairly) as the telecom lobbyist who broke Obama’s promises and killed the open Internet, which is rather an unpleasant thing to count as your legacy, and which is what everyone is calling him today. The alternative is to toughen up the rules.”

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In my latest Guardian column, 'Cybersecurity' begins with integrity, not surveillance, I try to make sense of the argument against surveillance. Is mass surveillance bad because it doesn’t catch “bad guys” or because it is immoral? There’s a parallel to torture — even if you can find…

It is bad because it is immoral, and against all our freedoms that we have as Americans! It is wrong!! No more excuses!! If we do not fight for our freedoms, then we WILL lose them!!


Yes. Exactly.

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How to Reinstall Windows XP Without a CD

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So, good that I had to repost.

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By Chris Moore, eHow Contributor , last updated April 16, 2012

Over time, the Windows XP operating system can start slowing down, freezing and failing to shut down. This can be corrected by reinstalling the system on your computer. However, this can be a problem if your computer didn’t come…

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Whittle, Rowe, Common Sense, and Common Core

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Mike Rowe had some advice on his Facebook for a guy, a while back. It applies to all of us, and here it is in its entirety.

Saturday Mail Call

Hey Mike!

I’ve spent this last year trying to figure out the right career for myself and I still can’t figure out what to do. I have always…

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How to: Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2009 It’s a painful install since Microsoft provides no direct upgrade path, but we can help.

Over time, computers end up full of add-ons and random junk. It’s time to take action.